Pochette bag Bologna

Borsa pochette Bologna

Elegance at your fingertips

Very feminine purse to carry by hand. Usually used for gala evenings, receptions or special events.
A small gem on your hands embellished with feathers, beads and stones.
It gives importance and refinement even to the simplest gown. The pochette bag are not very large and inside of it can be stored only small and important objects.
Being a purse to carry by hand, as the clutch model is necessary pay attention to manicure. Hands are the protagonists of this kind of purse and, for this reasone you should treat it with care.
Come and choose the model for your special evening.
Borsa fashion

Amaze with style

They are the details to make a difference and for this reason they should not be overlooked. In our store you will find several models of pochette bag in Bologna that can valorize your outfit.
Small and precious, they are realized both in tissue and leather and are accompanied by stones, embroidery and very particular beads. Their stiff closure, clips or click-stop, allows to store only a few things. Some models have long chains that allow you to carry them on shoulder straps for added convenience even if we always recommend bringing them by hand. Trust our advice and your femininity will be accentuated through these little tricks.
Come to find out the wide range of pochette available in the store.
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